First Impressions

by ray goodlass

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Just arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel, which I have to pass through to get to Palestine. I was expecting heavy security at Ben Gurion International Airport, given what I have read, and especially after the third degree I got from the Israeli officials as I boarded the plane for Israel at Bangkok Airport, but in fat I breezed through passport control and got a visa with no trouble at all.

Too early really for first impressions, but as we flew in fairly low over what must have been Jerusalem, I did notice the infamous ‘Separation Wall’ (to keep the Palestinians out), the new Israeli ‘Settlement’ housig developments built on Palestinian land, and the new super highways that Palestinians aren’t allowed to drive on.

Tel Aviv seems like anywhere really, tough probably more like LA than anywhere else, though there are some European touches and not much to say we are in the Middle East. It also seems very secular and western, so roll on Palestine.

I’ll up-date you when I’ve had time to observe more.