An update on my impressions

by ray goodlass

Hopefully this post will get posted, as some don’t seem to have been. No doubt that’s due to my IT incompetance.

So here are some observations:

* The ‘Separation Wall’ is oppressive and quite obscene in its intrusive brutality. I do though appreciate the way the Palestinians usetheir side of it as a billboard for political slogans, cartoons and grafiti. There is some great Bansky poltical street art, and Ibought some copies. There is also a recurring cartoon of a boy in a variety of situations always with his back to us. Apparently we will only see his face when Palestine is liberated. I took photos.

* The Israeli ‘Settlements’ are also an oppressive worry. They are illegal, built on seized Palestinian land , the taking of which breaks all international laws and conventios. They are built on hilltops and and ridges, looking down on Palestinian villages and suburbs, and so are threatening and oppressive. The Israeli government subsidises their construction, and the deposits and mortgage repayments of home-owners, or the rents of renters. Given their high elevation it must take huge resources to get water up to them – all ‘stolen’ from the Palestinians, of course. Despite international condemnation they continue to grow like topsy, sprouting all over the place.

* To me it is encoraging that Hmas is now talking about dialogue, though it remains to be seen if they will accept a two state solutio.

* And of course the current territory grudginly allocated to Palestine under the way Israel has twisted the Oslo accords is a mockery of a state, given that Israel has sepaated Palestinian towns by stealing land, building highways that only Israelis are allowed to drive on, building the Wall on Palestian land and so on, so Palestine is really nothing more than a series of separate ‘Bantustans’, as in Apartheid era South Africa. Apartheid is an appropriate word to describe Israeli policy.

* So is’ethnic cleansing. Many commentators have noted that the Israeli aim is to drive the Palestians out completely. Appalling.

* The Israeli claim that they were here first is nonsense, and that should always be ponted out. Archaeology tells us that humans have lived here for at least 10,000 years, with the first recorded civilisation being that of the Canaanites, way before the Jewish people arrived, fought them and seized their land ‘flowing with milk and honey’. Still a young civilisation by Australian standards – Aboriginal, that is, of course

* Sometimes I think the Palestians, in hinsight, would have been better off to have accepted the 1948 UN two state partition plan, as it would have given them much more territoy than they have had any chance of having ever since. But then again, the Arab states (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc) thought the Zionists would bea pushover, easy to throw into the Mediterranean. How wrong they were!

* Many thought then and are increasingly doing so again, that the best solution would be one state, with everyone having equal democratic rights, and I agree. But the Israelis will never allow it, especially as, to be a just solution, it must include the right of return for the refugees.

* What happens when Iran gets its nuclear bomb? Will it be an atomic war between Iran and Israel (which already has thebomb) over Palestine, or will it be like the situation between the West and the Soviet Union during the ‘Cold War’, i.e. a nucler stand off because of the fear of ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’, known as ‘MAD’?

Thats enough for today. Hopefully this post will actually go.