Aheartbreaking visit to Hebron

by ray goodlass

Today we went on a trip to Hebron, a city of 100, 000 that is technically part of the Plestinian Authority, but is in fact under internal military rule as an H2 zone.

Soldiers, separation walls, gon towers, guard posts and checkpoints every where – we passed through at least half a dozen.

This is the city where the Settlers actually live in town, above the Palestinians, and throw shit, urine, bleach, acid and so on down on them. Itook photos of the netting and tarps the Palestinians have put up to try and protect themselves.

Because of the Occupation once thriving shopping streets are now dead and deserted.

The one bright spot of the trip was a visit tothe Abraham Mosque, where he is (supposedly) buried. An ancient exterior and a very welcoming, warm and beautiful interior. But even it is infringed on as the Israelis have commandeered half of it as a synagogue.

We finished our excursion with a visit to the Palestinian Centre for Media Research, where we saw the ‘Occupation 101’ DVD.  I learned a great deal from it, and one useful fact was that the USA gives as many $ in aid to Israel as it does to the rest of the world combined – about US $65 billion a year! It was encouragging to see a number of Israeli speakers condemning their government’s policy and actions, but depressing to hear it referred to as ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ so often.

I also bought my own copy of the ‘Our Story’ DVD, which we saw the other night and which I have permission to show in Wagga.

Altogether an eye opening educational day, but depressing, even heartbreaking.