A great day – some significant poltical and cultural engagement

by ray goodlass

3 December, a great day. I was privileged to interview the Managing Directors of the two major Human Rights bodies, Al Haq (Shawan Jabarin), which deals with the huge number of Israeli abuses on Palestinians and ICHR (Randa Siniora), which deals with abuses by Palestinian authorities on their own citizens.  Both are major organisations well connected internationally,worthy, thorough and effective. To say that I learned a great deal is a major understatement.

I also visited the Ramallah Cultural Palace, and the Mahmoud Darwish Museum, who is a major twentieth century Palestinian poet. I’ve only had time to read a little of his work, but I’m impressed – and its a great museum too!

And I also visited the Al Kasaba Theatre and its uni type training school, where again I was privileged to interview the Principal. The course, which is university accredited, is similar to the one I organised and ran at CSU.

A great day – I felt really engaged