Educational Bookshop in Jerusalem plus where I’m coming from on Palestine

by ray goodlass

6 January:

Yesterday just around the corner from my hotel I found Jerusalem’s Educational Bookshop, a treasure trove of books, DVDs etc about Palestine, the peace process and much more that I had read a lot about and was keen to explore.

It also has a coffee shop and makes the best soy flat white I’ve had since I was last in Wagga’s Old Empire Tea Rooms.

Of course, letting me loose in a well stocked political, philosophical, cultural and educational bookshop is a recipe for a spendathon, and so it proved yesterday.

I was expecially keen to find and purchase large format photobooks of Bansky’s political street graffiti and also a wonderful book graphically illustrating the Separation Wall, and the cartoons and graffit on the Palestinian side. Its good to have some visual records to back up all my text only material.

Which brings to mind that its about time for me to explain where I’m coming from on Palestine and peace. I was in fact brought up by, or should that be conditioned by, the conventional pro-Israeli western media view, that is, ‘plucky little Israel brings civilisation to the backward middle east and bravely defeats the savage hordes of Muslim fanatics’and the whole ‘Exodus’ scenario in which Paul Newman and the sun-tanned sabras show the ignorant savages that Europeans know best.

As I matured I increasingly saw this for what it really is – very biased propaganda. And more recently, once my career was established I had ther headspace to study the issues and find out the truth, which is that Israel is a violent colonialising power with a settler mentality hell-bent on ethnic cleansing to provide it with living space.

So this made me very pro-Palestinian, though, as I will point out in subsequent posts, not uncritically so.

And as I’ve noted previously, now that I am finally fully retired, and in good health, I have time, and again, the headspace, to also devote my time to my long-standing interest in peace studies and peace activism. so, in a nutshell, that’s where I’m coming from.