To Jerusalem for the last leg of my trip, and observations about non-violent resistance (NVR)

by ray goodlass

 January: to East Jerusalem by bus for the last leg of my trip. Good journey, but more of the ‘Wall’, checkpoints and Israeli military and passport checks from machine gun-toting Israeli soldiers as we went from Palestine into Israeli territory. This would have been the Palestinian capital if the Israelis hadn’t annexed it after the Six Day War in 1967, and despite being officially part of Israel it still feels Palestinian, which superficially feels fine, but of course is an abomination, as the people are under very obvious military occupation.

On this last leg of my trip I will be more of a tourist, as almost all Palestinian political, cultural and social organisation are naturally where I’ve just come from, but I will still post my peace musings here, and today do so below, so please read on.

My peace/political thoughts that are uppermost in my mind today come from observations, conversations, and readings, especially Broning, (chapter 5) that despite western and Israeli propaganda to the contray, the Palestians have always practised resistance to the Israelis non-violently. The people have always used non-violent resistance (NVR), especially their concept of ‘sumoud’, which roughly translates as perseverance or steadfastness, Fatah realised decades ago that violence was counter productive and so stopped it, Hamas avoids violence now, the the Palestinian government will have nothing to do with it. I think one of my major tasks as an ongoing peace activist will be to set the record straight when Ireturn home 
Speaking partly as a tourist, but also politically and culturally, my hotel here, the National, is more than excellent. Its Palestinian, in East Jerusalem, and just a stones throw from the Old City, so I’ll be in history heaven.