Copinig with Israeli propaganda masquerading as history and more

by ray goodlass

6 January: a history day. I spent a lot of time in the ancient David’s Citadel, which gave a very good and quite detailed overview of the history of the city, and though it included the conquering roles of other religions it was still larded with obvious Israeli

I also the ‘Kaiser is Coming’ exhibition,  about Kaiser Willhelm II’s visit to Jerusalem in the 1890s as the ‘Great Powers’ fought for influence with the Ottoman Empire in the lead up to WWI.Given that I’m a modern history buff Ifound it very interesting.

I then explored the rabbit warren of the Old City, and had a grahic ilustration of how contested this city is. And don’t expect the Via Dolorosa tobe a dignified avenue respectfully commemorating Christs journey with the cross to his crucifixion, for insted it is a souk-like crowded meandering alleyway here stall-holders vie to sell you regious souvenirs. I guess it shouldn’t depress me that people are gulible to believe any of it. Piece of the true cross any one?

And according to contemporary archaeology its not even the correct route!