Art exploring the ‘cycle of terror and violence engulfing the world’ and some good breakiong news

by ray goodlass

8  January: today to the Museum of the Seam, literally on the Green Line in Jerusalem. a cutting edge art gallery devoted to progressive ‘socio-political’ issues.

The Green Line is the 1948 armistice line which, since Israel’s victory in the 1967, has been ignored by the victor. The gallery is literally on what was once the line of the armistice, but it is also using the word ‘seam’ as a metaphor for its stated aim to ‘bear witness to the cycle of terror and violence that is engulfung the world’.

Just the spot for an old peace-nik like me, and yes, the current exhibition is excellent.

The gallery is in a beautiful old Palestinian building, but the downside is that it is on Highway One, which slices through the city. Still, at least there is a new tram line running down the middle of the highway, so there’s a little bit of thinking about public transport at least. The trams are very new and smart, and to my eyes, very European.

Which brings a political thought of the day to mind. At the tourist stop at the shop/factory selling and making very expensive beauty products from Dead Sea salts and minerals that I saw and wrote about yesterday there was a wall devoted to showing where the products were sold, and in the ‘Europe’ section is listed ‘Israel’. I had in the past tended to assume that Israel’s  entry in the Eurovision Song Contest was probably just a marketing ploy at best, and propaganda at worst,  but now it is  clear that , having observed everything that I have over the past month that Israel does  think  of itself as a European outpost, and hence a  colonial power, as I mentioned many posts ago. Oh dear, that’s a big mindset to change.   
And in my breaking news, Tom Wilson, the new Australian Head of Office in Ramallah (ie our government representative to Palestine, rather than our ambassador to Israel, though hopefully it won’t be long before we have a fully fledged ambassador to Palestine too), has just agreed to a meeting with me next Sunday. Great news! I had contacted his predecessor, Jenny Grant-Curnow before I left Australia to see if she would grant me an interview, but it turned out that her posting was coming to an end. However, Jwenny passed on my request to Tom, her successor, and he followed up my request and has set up an interview for me. Excellent!