Home despite really heavy Israeli security, plus some commentary

by ray goodlass

18 January: I arrived home from Palestine yesterday. All three flighs were fine except for really heavy Israeli military security at the begining.

They gave me the tird degree to start, along the lines of “Where have you been?”, “What did you do there?” and so on.

Then they went through all my luggage like a tornado, subjecting everything to explosive and metal checks, and visual inspections of everything. And then they left me to try as best I could to put it all back together.

This was followed by a full body check, but ay least they did that in a semi-private area.

After that I was left to put my hastily re-assembled luggage back together and was told to put it on a trolley in a lift that I hoped would take it off to be loaded on the plane. I was worried about whether or not that had haapened all the way back, though apart from that the flights were fine, in fact the Thai leg from Bangkok to Sydney was very good indeed. And yes, my luggage did all arrive safely

So some obersvations drawn from that experience.

Firstly, Israeli security is very military and clearly has never done any customer training. It was in marked contrast to Sydney airport security as I boarded my flight to Wagga. Indeed, I should note here also how good the arrival security was at Sydney airport after I’d flown in from Bangkok.

The other comment about Israeli security is my observation that they really do have a siege mentality. Understandable, I suppose, but I wonder if they are aware that they caused the problem?

And finally for today, my first overview comment on the whole Palestine experience, which is to note that it was the most rewarding experience I have ever undertaken, and that I do plan to return.

Much more commentary after I’ve sorted myself out, got over my jet lag, and hopefully over this bout of flu that is still with me.