Australian press coverage points to a massive right wing victory in Tuesday’s Israeli general election

by ray goodlass

20 January: there’s reasonable coverage in this weekend’s Fairfax press of next Tuesday’s Israeli general election . I haven’t read any of the Murdoch press but I imagine it points to a similar result. 

The forecast results are frightening in that all the surveys point to a very right wing victory.

As well as yesterday’s Ruth Pollard article in the SMH that I commented on, there is another piece by her in today’s Sun-Herald, and on the same page a piece by Robert Tait. His piece highlights that Netanyahu pleages to not only keep the Settlements, but to expand them. This piece also points to the rise of extreme right wing religious parties, that will probably be included in Netanyahu’s cabinet. A frightening thought.

Ruth Pollard’s new piece points out that the Israeli Labor’s campaign does not mention making peace with Palestine. The only party likely to get seats that does support the peace process is Meretz, but it won’t win enough seats to have any influence  

There was also quite a big story in yesterday’s SMH by David Wrowe, who wrote that Australia and Britain have joined forces to pressure Obama to bring pressure on Israel to re-start the stalled peace talks. This is more like it! The story most likely has a link to the comment I heard Senator Carr make on ABC Radio National yesterday. The forum for this annponcement was the AUKMIN two country conference in Perth.

The paper also has written about the world putting pressure on Obama to use America’s influence with Israel.

As well as exerting influence there is one way that the USA could pressure Israel, which is to cut off American aid. Apparently the USA gives as much to Israel (over $60m each year) as it gives the rest of the world combined.

I’ve also been thinking that as a second term President, without the fear of needing to be re-elected, Obama is ‘free’ to really exter pressure, but as has been pointed out by people I have discussed the issue with, there are the mid-term congressional elections comi9ng up in slightly less than two years, and he can’t afford to put fellow Democtats’ seats at risk, especially those subject to Jewish lobbying. There’s also the fact that Israeli propaganda has done such a good job in the USA that Jewish or not, American voters are pro-Israeli.

So we have two opposing forces: a very right wing election victory in Israel at odds with a renewed call by the ‘west’ to restart the peace talks.

I’m not overly confident about the latter winning out, though of course I hope it does.