What to do next?

by ray goodlass

‎21 January: Apart from SBS TV news forecasts of a big right wing victory in the Israeli election on Tuesday my mind is also on ‘What we do next?’ now that I am home.  This was part of the Peace Volunteer Camp, that is, what can we do to promote the cause for a just peace settlement once we dispersed.

Basically, as I resolved at the end of the camp, it is to be an Ambassador for Palestine. I’d like to do a lecture/slide show or two, but that will take a while to organise. I’ll also lobby MPs and so forth, indeed, I’ve already started by writing to our Foreign Minister, Bob Carr. I will of course also talk up the need for a just peace settlemen to anyone I meet.

But I think my initial step to start the ‘public’ ball rolling will be to write a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Advertiser, using the Israeli election result as a cue.