Early news on the Israeli election result does not bode well for the peace process

by ray goodlass

‎23 January: early news about the Israeli election results does not bode well for the peace process, in that the far right Jewish Home party seems to be doing well. As it is against any peace deal with Palestine this could be very bad news as it may well form part of a Likkud based coalition government, thereby pushing Netanyahu further to the right.

There has been commentary that the Centre-Left has also done well, but as Labor has dropped the peace process from its platform that doesn’t mean much.

In breaking news as I type this Natanyahu has just claimed victory. So time to get moving with plans for what to do after the Peace Camp. I’ll elaborate on this tomorrow, but for the moment we people who support the Palestinian cause now need to get active more than ever.

I’ve started with one small action, which was to give a very short talk on my recent Palestinian experience to Wagga’s Sunrise Rotary club yesterday, and they’ve asked me to give them a full presentation on 12 March.