Extreme Zionists

by ray goodlass

Watched a frightening program last night on ABC TV 2: Louis Theroux’s ‘The Ultra Zionists’, about extreme Jewish religious settlers in Palestine. They really are fanatics. Some are in government sanctioned Settlements, but others are have set up camp in sites that are illegal even by Israeli government standards.

Both types are however settling on illegally seized Palestinian land. One mob even set up camp on a family’s land who had simply gone out to a wedding, but refused to budge when the wedding celebrants returned.

These extremist settlers justify their seizure of Palestinian land on either or both of two grounds:

i) We (i.e. Jewish people) were ‘here first’, which of course is nonsense, as others, such as the Canaanites, where there long before, and the Jewish people conquered them when they moved in.

ii) God gave us the land. Well, if you believe in the tooth fairy you might be gullible enough to believe this one, but it doesn’t justify your actions.

Worringly, both types of extreme settlers have the protection on the Israeli military.

Also worrying is that they have the support of fundamentalist American Christians, a disturbing alliance I mentioned in a previous post. Coupled with the Israeli government’s ‘charm offensive’ in the USA it does not bode well in relation to influencing public opinion.