Correction, and good and bad news

by ray goodlass

A correction is called for. Yesterday I posted that the USA had called for a freeze of new settlement building on Palestinian land. Sorry, that should have read the UN. Mind you, it is arguable as to which body’s call would be more effective. Given the number of totally ineffective  UN resolutions since 1948 condemning Israel’s illegal actions I doubt if this latest one will carry any clout, but if an American one was backed up by a withdrawla of the billions in US aid to Israel it might have a result. And pigs will fly, of course.
In other news Israel has promised to pay to Palestine $96m in back taxes it has been witholding. If it follows up its promise it will enable Palestine to pay its public servants, so that’s some good news.
However, I’m worrying that the Israeli attack on Syria might negatively impact on Palestine, given i) how small distances are in that region, and ii) Israel might ‘translate’ Syria to mean any Arab entity, if the conflict widens – and if Israel follows up with its claim that it attacked a convoy of sophisticated Syrian missiles being transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon it might well escallate.