Good and bad news – as ever

by ray goodlass

My Letter to  Editor about Palestine, based on the not very recent election result, was finally published today, though written three weeks ago, when it was topical. Better late than never, I guess, and it certainly fufills my objective, given that the electiion outcome was only the excuse for it, which was to act as an Ambassador for Palestine to the wider local public.

I’m quite pleased with it, though piques as its lateness, and the fact that it is attributed to me as Secretary of the Riverina Greens when I specifically did not sign it as such, as it was not written as a party political letter. Having said that, it in no way contradicts party policy, so I guess no harm is done.

The bad news is that I have learned from the online ‘Occupied Palestine’ there are strong responses in Palestine to yesterday’s Israeli arrests of Palestinian West Bank Hamas parliamentarians, though Hamas has shown restraint in that it hasn’t responded with violence. Given my pacifist views that of course is good, but I have to ask why the Israelis are allowed to get away scott free with violence when the Palestians are expected to show restraint?