Time to try and right the wrongs

by ray goodlass

As well as continuing to wreak havoc in the West Bank by means of raids, siezures and arrests,  Israel has occupied the Al Aqsa mosque,  falsley claiming it was the site of the Second Temple. This is yet another attempt to try and write Palestinians out of its own history.  Given ‘Brand Israel’s’ charm offensive this will, unfortunately, definitely wotk with the religious settlers, the US Christian right, and US zionist supporters, and probably work with other settlers, most of the Israeli wider public, and most of the wider American public.

It doesn’t bode well, but encourages me to do do what little I can to right these wrongs. At least my Letter to the Editor was published last week, anf my Rotary talk went well, and there’s more to come in that regard as I am only half way through it, with the really heavy stuff still to come.

Before I sign off today, just a quick note that I have signed up to Palestinikan Queers for BDS through Pinkwashing Israel, so that’s another small piece of peace activism in place.