A couple of ideas with potential

by ray goodlass

In conversation with Greens upper house MP John Kaye at the weekend’s Greens NSW State Delegates’ Council (SDC) we came up with the notion of pushing for a ‘One State Solution’  to the Israel/Palestine situation so as to encourage the Israeli’s to accept a just ‘Two State model as a less dangerous option for them to adopt. As they will never accept a ‘One State’ model, given that they would be outnumbered by Palestinians it has potential. 

At the SDC the idea of scheduling a joint presentation on our recent separate trips to Palestine by Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and myself at the next SDC meeting in April, hosted by we Riverina Greens in Wagga, was well received. I’m not sure how it will bw billed, it could simply be as Workshop or more enticingly as a Political Presentation/Discussion. I’m very pleased with the idea, aspecially as there was lots of interest from delegates at the meeting just past of my experiences in Palestine