A couple of issues of concern

by ray goodlass

Very concerned about the visitng Dutch MP Geert Wilders’ anti-Muslime propaganda, which damns them all as being extreme fanatics, which is a  very misleading generalisation. and quite false. Problem is, many people will believe him. We need to get the moderate reformist Islamic voice out there. 

I’m also concerned about Netanyahu’s defence of Mossad over the Prisoner X  (Ben Zygier) affair, which is using the tired old ‘national security’ defence, as many people will be3 hoodwinked by it.

Yesterday The Daily Advertiser interviewsd me about my Palestine Peace Project trip. Not sure when it will be published and how accurate it will be, but the journalist at least appeared to be knowledgeable about contemporary world affairs, and to even be sympathetic, but that doesn’t guarantee a good story.