More on the Palestinian film-maker, and also ‘Prisoner X’

by ray goodlass

The news about Palestinian Oscar nominee Emad Burnat being held at LA International Airport has now been fleshed out. His film covers the village of Bilin’s fight against the Wall, which was one of the very few places to succeed in having the wall re-routed, though the fight to recover their stolen land goes on (and on).

Also more on Ben Zygier, aka Prisoner X, in that news in yesterday’s SMH claims that Shin Bet, Israel’s security agency, did tell ASIO of his imprisonment. A nice and cosy relationship between the two bodies, it seems. Pity it took this long for the story to make it out to the public domain. However, there seems to be distinct lack of fit between ASIO and our Attorney-General and our Foreign Ministers and PMs. No doubt things are tense in Canberra, but more to the point, why are ASIO and our Attorney-General so pally with Israel’s security services, amd so secretative about that relationship? However, I guess our security services being in bed with those of a military dictatorship is, unfortunately, nothing new.