A Hamas takeover of the West Bank?

by ray goodlass

News this weekend in the Fairfax press that the Hamas leader in Gaza, Khalid Mishal, will move to take power in the West Bank of Palestine as well when President Abbas of Fatah retires.

What this might means isn’t of course at all clear. Israel will push the line that it will result in all of Palestine becoming an Islamic fundamentalist state that will fire an endless stream of rockets into Israel, but there’s also a suggestion that Hamas is re-thinking its hard-line approach and though it will be more determined than Fatah, will take part in the peace process.

Having said that slightly positive comment I do worry about a religiously aligned party replacing a secular one in the West Bank, and though I’ve read enough to know that Hamas isn’t a monolithic Islamist fundamentalist party I do still worry. I guess time will tell, and I’ll keep posting on this issue as more news comes to light. 

In personal news I had a great time at the Mardi Gras parade in Sydney last night. A very good number of participants to mark the 35th Anniversary and despite threatening rain, the crows seemed as big as ever. The theme of the parade was Generations of Love, so I placed myself in the Greens 1970s section, as I took part in the first march in ’78, which was then a protest march, of course. I enjoyed having a Bob Brown mask, which I will cherish. A great night all round, and thanks to Tony and Paul for their hospitality.