Nuclear worries in the Middle East

by ray goodlass

It is reported that Israeli PM Netanyahu is threatening a military strike on Iran’s nuclear site(s), and according to US VP Biden, the USA concurrs. This sort of escalation is quite worrying, and talk about upping the ante! Though another country with nuclear weapons is the last thing I want to see, there seems to be a lot of hypocrisy on the part of Israel and the US. I’m very worried that Israel will lob a nuclear armed missile at the the Iranian site, thereby initiating a terrible conflagration. I’d sooner see MAD preventing any nuclear warfare between the two.
Locally my Palestine interview in the Daily Advertiser has provoked two attacks from the Australia First party, which is showing its paranoid racism. There’s also been an attack on me from a pro-Israeli local individual. As I always reply to their Letters to the Editor they are simply giving me, and the Palestinian call for a just peace, more oxygen.