A mixed bag

by ray goodlass

More about Khalid Mishal of Hamas in yesterday’s SMH as a possible replacement of Abbas as PA president. Israel is being very vocal about it, and naturally is opposed, but so are leading PLO figures such as Hanan Ashrawi and Marwan Barghouti , who is a likely Fatah replacement for Abbas if the Israelis ever release him from prison. From what I have read, here and back in Palestine, he would be well worth considering, providing of course he is democratically elected.

The Prisoner X story continues, now with Stephen Smith, our Defence Minister, being asked what he knew about it when he was, briefly, Foreign Minister.

Yet another paranoid racist attack in me in the form of a Letter to the Editor from Australia First’s K. Sharp. As ever, it is also quite incoherent, but having been given more oxygen to voice my peace views I’ll happily respond.