Golan Heights, Ben Zygier, and homophobic police brutality

by ray goodlass

Will the Syrian rebels’ capture of UN peace keepers on the Golan Heights be used as an excuse for military intervention by Israel? Its a worry, as any military action in that area could impact on Palestine

I see there was no liaison between ASIO and DFAT over the Ben Zygier affair, and both Gillard, Carr and Smith are denying ever knowing anything about it. Oh yeah? Thankfully the story finally made it to the front page of yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald, but in a way anything in the SMH is to a degree ‘speaking to the converted’. It needs to be on the front page of the Murdoch tabloids, such as the Daily Telegraph, to reach those who probably don’t know about the way Israel operates.

More media coverage of police brutality after last Saturday’s Mardi Gras parade. I’m still concerned that the proposed inquiry will be nothing more than the police investigating themselves, when what we need is an independent inquiry. But it is good to see that the Campaign Against Homophobia (CAAH) is planning a protest march tonight, and that Irene Doughty, City of Sydney Greens Councillor and good friend, will be speaking. I hope it gets some good media coverage.