A couple of pieces of good news, albeit personal and very minor

by ray goodlass

I think I’ve sorted out email contact with next year’s Palestinian peace project, which I’d been having problems with.

I’m still busy reading up on Palestine and the Peace Priocess, and have almost finished reading ‘Homosexuality in Islam’ by Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle, which is a surprise in that it includes lots of detail about ‘reform’ Islam, which is much more progressive than the relentless diet of hard line fundamentalist Islam we are fed by the media. It is open to recognition of same-sex and transgender people, and even marriage. Great! It turns out that what we have been led to belive about Islam isn’t in the Koran or the sayings of Mohammed (both of which are tolerant and inclusive), but instead is a mis of pre-Islamic patriachial life, the sayings of priests who came after Mohammed, and the laws made up by later jurists. So there is some hope of a more inclusive Islam seeing the light of day, but I fear the neo-traditionilists still have an awful lot of steam left in them,  yet, unfortunately.