Some hope of resumed peace talks – perhaps

by ray goodlass

In Israel PM Netanyahu and his Likud Party finally forms a coaltion government. It includes two parties in favour of peace talks, ‘There is a Future,’ and Tzip Livni’s party, a previous Foreign Minister, but also one that firmly doesn’t, ‘Jewish Home’. So a mixed bag – some hope, but also some worries. I guess it depends how strongly ‘Jewish Home’ can hold Netanyahu to ransom. I’m thinking that the talks might resume, but due to ‘Jewish Home’s’ influence they either won’t make any progress at all, or will be an insult to the Palestinians, more or less confirming the status quo.

Also, President Obama’s office has announced that he will visit the Chruch of the Nativity during his lightening visit to Israel, but not tyhe Al Aqsa mosque, which has picqued some Muslims. Interestingly, the Church of the Nativity is in Bethlehem, which is of course in Palestine!