Not much hope so far from Obama’s visit.

by ray goodlass

Both Obama and Netanyahu are talking about a two state peace solution between Israel and Palestine in the first hours of Obama’s visit to Israel, which superficially sounds hopeful, but the Netanyahu’s talk of an “historic compromise” worries me as I suspect it means that it won’t be a ‘just peace’, especially as he has talked about not returning to the pre-1967 boundaries, claiming that they are “indefensible”. No mention of the ‘right of return’ for Palestinian refugees either – of halting settlement building, for that matter.

Somehow I doubt if Obama’s five hour visit to Ramallah, the de-facto capital of Palestine, for a brief meeting with President Abbas will be of any value either. 

The ‘commentariat’ has also spoken of not expecting anything of any worth coming out of this visit.

Perhaps there will be more meaningful and useful comments when US Secrertary of State John Kerry also visits in a few days time.