Disappointment follows Obama’s visit to Israel and his quick side trip to Palestine

by ray goodlass

As Obama’s visit ends, nothing of any value to progress the Palestinian peace talks from his trip, despite lots of high flown rhetoric.

He did speak of security for Israel and sovereignty for Palestine, but as he argued for no preconditions for renewed peace talks that means Israeli settlements will continue, even though he said they had to be part of the solution.

He referred to the need for compassion for Israel (!) and of the need for compromise from Palestine, which frighteningly echoes Netanyahu’s words.

The US really could move things forward if only it threatened to cut American aid to Israel, but even if Obama had the best will in the world I doubt if Congress would let him, given the power of the Jewish vote, and the mid-terms coming up next year.  

Let’s hope Senator John Kerry’s visit as Secretary of State is more productive.