‘Be the Change’ and ‘Boxman’, for a change

by ray goodlass

Busy last week promoting the forthcoming ‘Be the Change’ symposium, on 6 April, and also saw ‘Boxman’ about an African refugee, at the Civic Theatre, both projects dear to my heart.

‘Be the Change’ is a world-wide organisation aiming to promote environmental issues, social justice, and spirituality, which I am keen to get involved in. ‘Boxman’ is by Australian playwright Daniel Keene and is a one man show performed by an African actor about the character’s life and the home he built for himself out of trash in a park. It restored my faith in theatre and is an important play that corrects the right-wing propaganda about refugees.

Meanwhile, back in Israel/Palestine Obama left with a speech saying that neither ‘occupation or expulsion’ are the answer for peace with Palestine. Yes, quite, but what is he and the US Congress going to do about it? Fine words are well and good …