From Gaza with love Wagga talk now in jeopardy

by ray goodlass

I’ve been busy organising the Wagga ‘From Gaza with love’ talk of Palestinian Dr Mona El-Farra on Monday 27 May, only to hear today that she is trapped in Gaza because the border crossing is closed! There are only two or three crossings, and it usually the Israelis that closed there’s, but Dr. El-Farra was due out via the Egyptian one, which is usually not closed. Apparently it is closed because of military exercises  in Sinai. How frustrating.

We should know within 24 or 48 hours whether or not she can catch her flight from Cairo, but regardless of the Wagga and subsequent talks,  it will be too late for the Sydney ones,which were scheduled to begin her national tour.

I was enjoying setting up the Wagga talk, as it was another, albeit small, activity of my being an ‘Ambassador for Palestine’ project, post my Palestine Peace Project volunteer trip.

I’ll keep you posted.