BUGS environmental spirituality and environmental education

by ray goodlass

Very busy all day yesterday with two projects that have grown out of my gardening volunteering at Erin Earth.

Firstly a Blessed Unrest Group (BUGS) meeting, which focused on DVDs about ‘Big History’ and then on Bruce Sanguin’s ‘Coming Home to the Cosmos’ reading. I’m very pleased to be part of the BUGS group as it is giving me so much in terms of understanding my spirituality, especially in relationship to my environmental concerns. It isn’t at all about conventional organised religion, and I’m pleased that others know the difference between spirituality and religion. I’ve still got a long way to go on my spirituality journey, but tis is a great start.

I also like the BUGS acronym as it has good environmental connotations, though less keen on the use of the word ‘blessed’, as it has religious references.

Secondly, I’m now part of Erin Earth’s education projects, charged with adding drama activities to their program, Yesterday we worked on putting the finishing touches to the Stage 3 (Upper Primary) program. I’m thrilled to be involved, and that they like my drama input. This is of course drawing on my past professional life, and is, thankfully, putting it to good use as environmental education. It is also exercising my mind! A great way to volunteer!