Brief report on final day ofBE tghe Change ‘Ecology for the Mind’ workshop, and a very brief comment on Palerstine

by ray goodlass

Yesterday was the final day of the Be the Change ‘Ecology of the Mind’ workshop. I learned a great deal about how minds work and how to get mine to work at a ‘higher’ level.

Much was also learned about the link between ecology and spirituality, and how I can use ecology to advance my spirituality, so I feel very encouraged to keep pursuing this part of my journey.

The penny also finally dropped as to the true meaning of ‘Country’ to the First Peoples of Australia, so Acknowledgements and Welcomes of/to Country will now mean a lot more to me.

In ‘side’ conversations I also had some positive chats with participants about the situation in Palestine/Israel, and of the need for a just peace, so a little more achieved in my ‘Ambassador for Palestine’ role.

I’m also reading Dr Mona El-Farra’s published blog. ‘From Palestine with love’, and really appreciating her call for a ‘single state’ solition.