More on my mentoring volunteer work

by ray goodlass

Yesterday more mentoring of my ‘naughty boys’ through the Ignite youth mentoring program in Ashmont. Weather was wet, so they were a bit ‘friskier’ than usual.

Still waiting for the Afghani family I will be mentoring through the Refugee Settlement program to arrive. They were due on Wednesday but their arrival is delayed because Mrs. Hussain is sick. I’m looking forward to this, but am feeling a bit trepidatious as I’ll be out of my ‘comfort zone’, given that they don’t speak English, though I’m hoping the teenage kids will have picked some up. Nonetheless, I’ll take my Middle East phrase book with me, as it has a section on Dari, the majority language in Afghanistan, though of course there is no guarantee that this will be the language the Hussains speak.

I’m amazed at anyone’s courage in becoming a refugee, as they will of course be more than out of their ‘comfort zone’. But I guess the alternative is much worse. My heart bleeds for them and as always I condemn those men (it is usually men) whose militarism and politicking has brought them to this.

I’ll keep you posted.