Amnesty Intertnational AGM and summary of the week’s volunteering

by ray goodlass

In Canberra for the Amnesty AGM, which I’m really looking forward to. This was my first time travelling to Canberra by public transport, which worked quite well: train to Cootamundra and a seamless transfer to coach for the rest of the journey. Both legs were pretty full, but it was Friday afternoon, with presumably many people travelling for the weekend. I’ll report on the Amnesty AGM tomorrow. 

I also saw an APHEDA job advertised in Palestine yesterday. I’d love it, but sadly I’m too old and don’t really meet the selection criteria.

Otherwise a quiet week past for volunteering, just Wagga City Library Home Delivery Service for the house-bound on Monday, taking talking audio books to my blind client, and the local Amnesty International letter writing group on Tuesday. Both were very fulfilling.

But I did see ‘Jack Charles versus the Crown’ at the Wagga Civic Theatre on Wednesday evening, which was a worthwhile indigenous play in part written and dramaturged by John Romeril that explored well through music, visuals, and first person spoken monologue the autobiography of an Aboriginal man who was for a large part of his life ‘eaten up’ by the white man’s justice system.

But considering I came down with a bad cold earlier in the week it was quite busy enough for me, as I had time to nurse the cold, which I think I may have managed to keep in reasonable bounds.