Palestine-Israel peace talks to resume?

by ray goodlass

Palestine – Israel peace talks are soon to resume, according to media reports (Al Jazeera, SBS), though it is not clear if they will be actual substantive talks or merely setting the agenda. Apparently US Secretary of State Kerry has been busy with ‘shuttle diplomacy’ (a very over-used expression) lately.

Though hopefully this is good news, though I have some worries. Will it be a just peace, that is, a return to pre-1967 boundaries, with East Jerusalem included in Palestine, the right of return for refugees, and the dismantling of Israeli settlements, or a sell-out, like the Camp David talks and the Oslo Accords?

Will Hamas be included or is Fatah the only Palestinian ‘partner’? I saw some television news coverage that showed President Abbas with Kerry and an Israeli negotiator, but didn’t see anyone who looked as though he might be a Hamas spokesperson. But without Hamas would a peace settlement stick, even if it was a ‘just’ one, given Hamas’ stand on the legitimacy of Israel? 

Many questions before I can relax about what should, but may well not, be good news.