Israel/Palestine peace prelminary talks to start next week, but …?

by ray goodlass

The Israel/Palestine renewed peace talks moved an inch closer today with the announcement that the US had appointed Martin Indyk as their envoy for the talks, and that preliminary discussions will start in Washington next week.

However, I can only view these developments with skepticism given that Mr. Indyk is a former US ambassador to Israel, so how balanced will he be? Also, there has been no mention of the core and fully justified Palestinian needs being met, such as the right of return for refugees, a return to pre-1967 borders, and East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, let alone the dismantling of the illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land and the dismantling of the ‘wall’.

Secretary of State Kerry has also talked of “meaningful compromises” from both sides, but how many more compromises can the Palestinians be expected to make?

And what of Gaza and Hamas?

I fear that once again, as per Camp David and Oslo, the Palestinians will be short-changed, but of course I hope for the opposite. We’ll see, but I won’t hold my breath.