On my way to Freedom Ride through Palestine

by ray goodlass

I’ve just arrived in Amman on my way to the Palestine Freedom Ride, after a very long flight from Australia. I’ll be crossing into Israel (you have to, to get into Palestine) via the Allenby Bridge tomorrow. I’ve heard horror stories about how the Israeli military treats people using that crossing, so I’m resigning myself to a long and very tedious time – but it will all be worth it!

I’ve also just signed up for a new BDS app, which makes me feel better, as at least it is a form of peaceful action that could produce results if the world gets behind it. That’s the problem of course – so far only individuals and a few progressive European organisations have taken it up. Sometimes I console myself by saying that it took time for the South African BDS to take hold, but to be honest I’m not all that hopeful.

The Freedom Ride is an initiative of the Freedom Theatre, based in the Refugee Camp. Its motto is ‘Resistance through art. As well as staging traditional theatre performances it trains actors, designers and production crew, makes films, provides community support through verbatim theatre, and similar community drama projects, and engages in various activist projects. The Freedom Ride is one such activity.   

Anyway, more news and observations in a day or so, once I’m into Palestine, have connected with the Freedom Theatre, and the Freedom Ride is underway.