Playback Theatre at work in the Jordan Valley

by ray goodlass

All is good on the Freedom Ride. The Playback Theatre part of the project works very well as the actors ‘perform’ the stories the villagers tell, and the audiences love it. Reminds me of the San Francisco Mime Troupe, or Brisbane’s Popular Theatre Troupe, back in the 70’s, when we had real community political theatre. 

The welcomes and backgroundings from the village elders are wonderful, and very moving, as they tell their stories of surviving under Israeli military occupation.

Speaking of which, Israeli soldiers prevented our community work yesterday, which was a road building project. Though the Jordan Valley is Palestinian, and Israeli military occupation should have ended years ago under the terms of the Oslo Accords, the place is crawling with Israeli military doing exercises, there are military compounds all over the place, and frequent military checkpoints. The fortitude of the Palestinians is truly admirable.

The other ting of note is how well appointed and prosperous the Israeli illegal settlement are, compared with the Palestinian villages, many of which have been destroyed and/or had their water cut off. Now they have to buy it by very expensive tanker load.