Isreali military’s (IDF) heavy hand disrupts Freedom Ride’s community work

by ray goodlass

Thursday 20 March: Community work building a mud brick school in a tiny community, which was disrupted by a contingent of very aggressive Israeli soldiers, but we got it done despite them, so all good in the end, though those members of our party who had photographed the military had their cameras taken and had to remove the photographs before they were allowed their cameras back. Our team facilitators explained that their request for us not to film the military (Israeli Defence Forces, henceforth referred to by the acronym IDF) is not just for our own safety (though a very real concern) but instead because of the likelihood of the IDF taking revenge on the villagers after we have moved on, which is much more of a real concern. 

During all this I was interviewed on film by a team of Palestinian filmmakers, about my thoughts on the Freedom Ride in particular and more expansively on the Palestinian situation in general, which I enjoyed doing. They showed me some footage and it looked/sounded okay. We exchanged cards so I hope they send me a link to the finished product.

Playback Theatre took the form of a performance today, which whilst not ‘playback’ was very well received. It again had much of the style of street theatre about it.