All quiet today

by ray goodlass

March 22: all quiet today as we travelled to Al-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills, in the south of Palestine, though it is an area badly hit by extremist settlers and Israeli military.  We had two talks by village elders, who pointed out how appallingly difficult life is, given settler attacks on people and property, backed up by the Israeli military.

Then, in contrast, a talk by Professor Mark Levine, who spoke of Israel’s total control of Palestine, and how it is locked in to the global military – industrial complex. Very dispiriting, but as more and more people become aware then perhaps change may come. If only BDS cold get more steam up!

And in other news, I’m gratified at the reaction back home in Australia to my email about yesterday’s tear gas attack. We may be able to make the story go wider, which would really help to get the message out.