Trekking in the South Hebron Hills

by ray goodlass

March 23, and we are still based at Al Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills. Today we trekked to neighbouring villages and had tea with a local family in their cave house, as their original property was destroyed by the Israeli military, as were most of the homes, farms and mosques around here, though the settlers, or colonists, as they are sometimes called, are equally violent and destructive. I’m told that there are four times the number of soldiers as there are settlers. I wonder how many American tax payers realise this is where some f their tax dollars go?

I also had emails from Australia commiserating with me about the tear gas attack, and some of practical use for the Palestinian cause, such as the draft of a media release from Greens Senator and good friend Lee Rhiannon, who has used the tear gas episode as a hook on which to hang an attack on the (relatively new and very right wing Australian Government’s relentless swing to a more and more hawkish, pro-Israeli position. Good on you, Lee. 

Later Mark Irvine loaded the footage he had shot of the tear gas attack into my computer. It is great stuff, though whether we can use any of it I don’t know .

Tonight another great Playback Theatre performance.