Rats in the ranks?

by ray goodlass

Monday March 24: still in Al Tuwani. Activities included a Palestinian village festival, building stone walls for a children’s centre, and a Playback Theatre performance. All peaceful, all good, though we are in Area C and so under direct Israeli military control, and the evidence of their atrocities and that of the settlers, many of whom in this part of Palestine are religious fundamental extremists, to put it politely, abound.

I fell into a conversation with a young Palestinian guy who told me that the two stand-out expensive houses in the village belong to local informers for the Israelis. I know full well that there are informers, of course, but if these people do inform, how do they get away with it? That is, if this guy knew, others would too. Perhaps the Israeli army protects them, but if so, how much useful intelligence could they gather. Though thinking about it some more, perhaps the villagers leave them alone in fear of Israeli (settlers or military) retaliation.