BDS and media coverage

by ray goodlass

March 27: as we near the end of the Freedom Ride we traveled on to Beit Sahour, a suburb of Bethlehem, where we had an excellent talk on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). I do hope it can be successful, and of course it makes me worry about Professor Jake Lynch in Australia. I do so hope the Israeli motivated court action against him fails. I’m also concerned that the Coalition government will mount a huge campaign against progressive minds, including the Greens over it, through their mouthpieces the Murdoch press and most of the commercial media.

However, I do believe that though there is of course major value in planning campaigns carefully for maximum effect, I do believe on very important matters of principle you do need to lead with the front foot, and not be a shrinking violet, as per the paragraph below.

Last night Sylvia Hale emailed me the story of ‘my’ tear gas attack in the (Wagga) Daily Advertiser, a full night before I received my e-copy of the paper. I can’t explain the way the time difference worked. Anyway, the version Sylvia mailed had a photograph of me and much more text, whereas my version of the paper had no photo and less  text, but I was pleased with both, and I’m very grateful to Lee Rhiannon for writing and circulating the media release. As Kevin emailed me. I’ll get lots of ‘stick’ for it, but please refer to the above paragraph.

Bethlehem is so urban after the rural villages we have been living in for the last couple of weeks. It even has hot water and power points with electricity (apologies for a cheap joke). But joking aside, compared with where we have been this is real luxury, though I do feel so much for those villagers bearing the brunt of the Israeli occupation, and living in poverty, though I’m careful not to type ‘abject’ before ‘poverty’, because abject they are not..