Final full day of the Freedom Bus

by ray goodlass

Mar 28: final full day of Freedom Bus. We had a ‘political tour’ of Bethlehem in the morning, which was far more interesting than what I imagine the ordinary tourists get. We had lunch at an interesting place, the Al Rowwad a theatre, arts and education project in the Aida Refugee Camp, which I will investigate further.

The tour ended however with an altercation between our guide and a local camp resident, who argues that those who live in the camp should give the tours. Our guide however argues that he had a permit from the relevant Palestinian authorities, so he was  -in the right. An interesting conundrum.

An in the afternoon the final and excellent Playback Theatre performance, which really was excellent. It was in the Alternative Education Centre, a place packed with just about all possible information its name implies. It also had a good performance space in a beautiful old complex of buildings in Beit Sahour, not central Bethlehem. It was the right venue at the right time with the right audience. I told a stry to be performed by the actors about the elderly gentleman in the Susyia craft shop who chatted keenly to me about his time in Australia. All was going well until he told me how much he had enjoyed Vienna. Whoops! Did I, at the time, feel inadequate.Nonetheless my story went well and the whole show was theatrical, social and political bliss.