Amman, on the way home

by ray goodlass

Saturday 5 April: on my way home, now in Amman. There was no trouble this time at the border crossing from Israel, but it took 4 buses and 5 passport checks! This was surely overkill. For the life of me I can’t see how people crossing in to Jordan would pose a problem for the Israelis.

First impressions of Amman are varied. The Hashemite kingdom is promoted everywhere, there are some very depressed areas, but where I’m staying is cosmopolitan and smart, though not over the top Dubai kind, more like gentrified trendy.

I’ve read that though Jordan is of course Muslim it is of a fairly easy going kind, and my observations point this out. Homosexuality, for example, is not illegal and I’ve even come across an LGBTI organisation and gay friendly cafes and bars. 

Two other thoughts come to mind. Firstly, a large proportion of Jordanians are in fact Palestinian, and secondly, this country has absorbed a huge number of Syrian refugees.

More posts after I’ve done a bit of cultural tourism.