Australia’s shameful role at Lima

by ray goodlass

Publication of my Op Ed column on Australia’s shameful role at the UN Lima climate change conference today has been overshadowed by the outcome of the Martin Place hostage situation.

I hope it doesn’t result in a fit of Muslim bashing, and I echo the words of the Greens NSW MPs, who issued a press release that read  “Let’s make sure that this tragedy doesn’t tear us apart but makes  us stronger and more united as a society that prides itself on inclusiveness, peace and harmony.”

Anyway, here’s the full text of the Op Ed column:

The news from Lima is worse than expected

Reluctant as I am to write a follow-up column, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s appalling actions at the UN Lima climate conference demand a response to last week’s piece. For we continue to be the chief obstructer at these talks, making efforts to remove the most basic things from the draft text which have already been agreed to, like a commitment to global solidarity and long term temperature limits,” Senator Milne said.

Julie Bishop has exposed Australia’s true colours to the delegates in Lima. Her statements are nothing more than global warming denial.

The Minister’s question ‘How could one possibly commit to having a fossil fuel free world by 2050?’ certainly tells the story. The Abbott government does not accept the science, continues to support coal expansion and can’t see that they will be left behind as plenty of countries commit to a fossil fuel free world.

As Green leader Senator Christine Milne observed, “The sad reality is that Australia is embarrassing itself all over the place in order to soften the ground for Australia abandoning genuine action altogether.

“Everyone knows the whole point of a global climate agreement is to constrain global warming and to find the fairest and most effective way of doing it. But everything Australia has done flies in the face of good faith and ignores the science,” said Senator Milne.

Of course, Ms Bishop got off to a bad start by only contributing a measly $200 million to UN funds. For though the Murdoch media and right wing shock jocks have shrieked that we are being over generous with tax payers prescious funds, this is comparatively a tiny amount, of which we should be ashamed.

And to add insult to injury, Ms Bishop has taken that money from the Foreign Aid budget, a funding source she said she would never use for climate change purposes.

And yet I don’t hear Alan Jones et al calling Ms Bishop a liar. Perhaps it is because ‘Julie’ doesn’t morph into ‘Juliar’ as easily as the former PM’s given name of Julia did.

As I write this the Sydney Morning herald’s front page headline is ‘Bishop seeks special deal on emissions’, and the text explains that she is busy at Lima trying to change the rules around measuring carbon emissions. Clearly she’s really using Lima for domestic politics.

Perhaps Captain Abbott should bring his entire team to Wagga Wagga next July to attend Erin Earth’s important forum entitled ‘Are we being misled?’, which asks if the free market is really the most socially and environmentally just way of living.

For as last week’s topic of Naomi Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate’ makes clear, it is rampant free market policies are behind the climate catastrophe we now face.

So Captain Abbott’s excursion to Wagga should be by train, or coach/train if they are travelling from Canberra.