Some progress and a little hope in Palestine

by ray goodlass

I felt better about my Arabic classes today, in  that I think I made a little progress, thank goodness.

It was also Israeli Memorial Day today, when they commemorate their war dead. Thankfully it was ignored here in Occupied East Jerusalem, though we had to put up with their sirens.

I also attended a very worthwhile evening lecture at the Kenyon Institute, which I think is an off-shoot of the British Council. Entitled ‘A Tale of Three Promises’, it was by Karl Sabbagh, and was about the British/French carve up of the Middle East after WW1, with special reference to Palestine.

It ended by positing an alternative new Balfour Declaration to break the Zionist created impasse, and therefore a way out of the two state dead end.

I also found an Al Quds University announcement of its boycott of Israeli universities, and I was pleased to see it, given Sydney’s appalling treatment of Professor Jake Lynch.

So all in all a productive day