A rewarding act of cultural solidarity

by ray goodlass

Leaving Occupied East Jerusalem today to begin my long journey home (via Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Dubai, Sydney airports) after a very stimulating, useful and enjoyable trip, learning Arabic and attending activist talks and events.

Learning colloquial Palestinian Arabic has been a very stimulating act of ‘cultural solidarity’. But a sign that it was probably time to go home was when a waiter said “No worries” after I’d said “Shukran” (thanks) for my coffee. At least he didn’t add “mate” on the end!

In my last week the most interesting and stimulating event was attending a really inspirational book launch by Ilan Pappe of Cherine Hussein’s ‘The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution’. Its a little ironic that this concept is gaining credibility just as the Pope recognised Palestine as part of the very unjust and most likely doomed ‘two state’ solution.