Natural Burials, Welcome Walk, Wagga Peace Group, and Recognition of the State of Palestine

It has been a long time since I posted to my blog, but this has been a very productive week, spurring me to action, which I’ll endeavour to continue.
A couple of days ago I selected my Natural Burial site! Not planning to need it any time soon, but good to be buried in an environmentally friendly way: no embalming, in fact no chemicals at all, no coffin, so no chemically treated timber, just an unbleached cotton shroud. And I’ll be only one metre down, so my decomposing body can act as an organic fertiliser!
I’m the first one to select a site at the Natural Burial part of Wagga Council’s lawn cemetery, which was set up after a motion I put to Council five years ago when I was a Councillor that Council approves and provides for natural burials.
And today I’ll be taking part in the Welcome Walk for refugees and asylum seekers. Starting at 11.00 am we’ll be walking from Apex Park around Lake Albert. The weather isn’t very promising but hopefully there’ll be a good crowd.
During the walk and post-walk BBQ, together with Kevin and other Greens, I’ll be collecting names for a new project of mine, to form a Peace Group in Wagga. I’ll post updates on that, and if there is interest, set up a Facebook page.
In my capacity as Convenor of the Greens for Palestine I put a proposal to the Greens NSW that the party recognises the State of Palestine, which was successful, and during the past week our proposal to the Australian Greens National Conference that the Australian Greens do the same was successfully enhanced through negotiations with the offices of Senators Richard Di Natale (Party Room Leader) and Scott Ludlum (Foreign Affairs portfolio) to add their support to it, making it a joint proposal. Fingers crossed it succeeds at the National Conference next weekend.