Final days of my Bethlehem volunteer project

by ray goodlass

Excellent final days in Bethlehem, including good days with the Palestine Conflict Resolution Centre. I only discovered this place late in my time here, but it seems a very worthwhile project. Within three days I took a trip with them to the Golan Heights to meet other people (Syrians) also occupied and colonised by the Israelis,, attended a Lecture/Discussion on Northern Ireland/Palestine, and a day earlier I  took a children’s drama class.
Also a terrific final day today at the Aida Refugee Centre’s Alrowwad Culture Centre, where I took my final drama class and met the Director. We discussed a playbuilding project for next year I could do based on a series of story posters on Israel’s appalling Apartheid Wall.
I was also chuffed to get heaps of very positive spontaneous feedback from the kids and also from my interpreter/class teacher.
One worrying thing I’ve noticed here is the number of kids playing with realistic looking toy  pistols that fire a little soft dart. This happened today as I was leaving Aida and when I turned round to jokingly reprimand the shooter he rushed over to me and apologised, and shook hands with me! He was all of ten years old.
So all in all a great way to end this volunteer project.