Verbatim Theatre Project on Friday 7 July 2017 at Alrowwad

by ray goodlass

A really terrific day today. I had the same students as yesterday (more or less) and we started more or less on time (only 15 minutes late), but much more importantly, the students were focused and firing!

They were straight into the social cohesion warm up games they learnt yesterday and were keen to try the new ones I introduced, including their first trust exercise.

I was then able to introduce the most important aspect of our work, the stories they will tell about life in the camp through autobiographical exercises. Baby steps to begin with, but that seems to be the best way to work with these students in this situation. It felt very good to have reached this milestone,

I also learnt one new name today, as I’ve formed a resolution to do that every day. Yesterday was the exotically named Lulu, but today it was the more prosaically named Ismael. Prosaic his name may be, but he’s a fabulous dancer!

So a truly encouraging day today. But I still haven’t worked out why Alrowwad is open today, i.e. Friday, but closed on Wednesdays. Perhaps its to give the kids and youth of the camp something to do on the holy day, when otherwise it would ber very quiet.